Tips To Planning Your Wedding Day

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Preview Session

Preview Session is fabulous in a lot of reasons.  Previews not only provide you with the wedding day design, it also gives you a chance to know your Artist.  This allows you to build a better relationship with your artist, which will allow your artist to create a more unique design since he/she has a good understanding of your individual personality and taste.

To be more effective for your preview design.  I suggest to be bring pictures of your prefer styles on both makeup and hair designs. This will enable the artist to have a visual of your design direction.

Plan the preview session 30-60 days from the wedding date.  This will enable you to enjoy your makeover, and perhaps accompany by your fiancé with a lunch or dinner date.  Preplanning will eliminate the rush of adding one more thing in your already busy wedding calendar list.

Planning for Makeup and Hair

Best to have everyone wash their hair the night before, so that it will be completely dried prior to the artist/artists arrival.

We prefer to have all members at the service start time, especially for large event group.  This will enable a nice continual flow between both makeup and hair services.  Most delays are caused by timeline with member not ready for her service.

Bridesmaid/Family are welcome to bring pictures of their prefer makeup and hair design for our artist/artists to create a similar design.

If you would like to use some of your favorite items, please bring them to your event session.  Especially for clients that have very sensitive skin, please bring your choice of items.  For clients that would like to use your favorite moisturizer and/or primer.  Please apply the products 30-60 minutes prior to your makeup service, because some items may takes longer to settle.

Bride - please wear a white or a light color top, button or zipper front, without collar.  Robe, tank or tube top works awesome. Remember, your getting ready pictures will be taken in these apparels.  So you want to look pretty and still have easy access to get them off for your dress change.
Bridesmaids/Family – please wear apparel with a button or zipper front, without collar.


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Planning for Photographer

Plan with your photographer, to have him/her arrive for your (bride) getting ready pictures.  The photographer should arrive one hour before the bride is complete.  This will enable him/her to setup and capture some awesome shots of your makeup and hair session for your album.

If for any reason your photographer will not arrive for the getting ready.  Make sure to ask you photographer if your group will be taking any pictures prior to the ceremony.  If pre-ceremony pictures are part of the schedule, this usually means your getting ready time will be push up an hour early.

Chauffeur Services

Make sure you confirm with your chauffeur in details of your event pickup and drop off times.  Allow for plenty of time so that the driver is not rushing the photographer to complete the pictures, for the event group pickup to the next destination.


Brides – Be Responsible for Your Dress, Shoes and Accessories

Best to be responsible for you dress, shoes and accessories.  On occasions, brides are sitting around awaiting for family members for their dress, and/or accessories items were left behind at home.  This will take precious time from your photographer taking those amazing pictures.

Organize Family Formal Pictures

Plan a detail list for the family formal pictures. Make a list of each picture by the member/members.  This will enable your photographer to schedule the needed time to complete all the family portraits.   Keep in mind if there are family members that typically run late, make sure to give them a 30-45 minutes buffer for arrival.  This means to give them an earlier arrival time.


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